oh, a b cbenches

Product Design | Furniture

"Traces" collection, created by Kanza Ben Cherif, is a path through reinterpreted everyday objects, contemporary techniques and experimental procedures shape processed materials assembled with recycled parts. This project is based on the work of calligraphy and Arabic writing, giving form to Moroccan expressions and proverbs, through pieces mixing wood, marble, metal and a hint of humor.

oh, a b cbenches, is composed of 3 separate benches which take back the firsst 3 Arabic letters:

"ALIF" (أ) includes a bench + 1 stool
"BAA" (ب) includes a bench + 1 coffee table that uses the Moroccan proverb "he true friend is none other than the friend of the bad days"
"TAA" (ت) includes a bench + 2 coffee tables that use the Moroccan proverbs "language is an art" and "always be supportive to others"

material Wood, upholstery
dimensions ALIF - bench 2400 x P900 x H450mm / stool L1200 x P900 x H450mm
BAA - bench 2400 x P900 x H450mm / table diam.500 x H370mm
TAA - bench 2400 x P900 x H450mm / table L600 x P380 x H400mm / table L400 x P400 x H500mm
fabrication Prestige Bureau // Mâalam Maâkoul // Good Way Technology
photography ©Alessio Mei // ©Karim Tibari