avito offices

schibsted classified media group, casablanca, morocco

Interior Design | Workplace

Avito.ma (previously called Bikhir.ma) commissioned once again Identity Design for their brand new workplace, to reinvigorate their team and have a new vibrant environment. The office was already occupying one floor of the Bab Abdelaziz Forum in Casablanca.

Identity Design was called upon to create a fresh new look, yet in continuation of the concept developed for Bikhir.ma , that was colorful, fun and reflective of the Avito unusual corporate identity. The concept nicknamed "into the wild" consisted in mingling a wilderness state with a super high-tech facility.

This motto defined the interior design with the inevitable log shakes; the graphic design through laser-cut wood panels and vinyl films or full height wallpapers representing animals in their natural habitat; as well as the signage design with the HAKUNA MATATA neon lettrage in arabic characters.

The acoustic walls and ceilings as well as the natural look finishes participated in creating a tight intimate open space in this large floor plan where each staff member can invent its own creative wild world.