fermetures2000, casablanca, morocco

Interior Design | Workplace

Placed under the sign of creativity, technology and transparency, the new flagstore "Cane", a subsidiary brand of the Moroccan shutters and automatisms leader - Fermetures2000, opens its doors in the heart of Casablanca.

The interior scenography is based on a subtle alchemy of spaces for product presentation and high-tech demonstration mixed with moments of architectural silence leaving room for exchange and dialogue, but also for the observers' emotion and imagination.

The glass element has been thought of as a unifying thread through the various spaces: sometimes treated as a reflector of light by the monumental musharabieh woven with mirrors, sometimes as a protective screen of a haven of greenery or as a link between the ground and mezzanine levels. The principle is based on the idea of unity and union reflecting the culture of the company.