holmarcom , marrakech, morocco

Product Design | Exhibition

Echoing its CSR commitment and within the realm of its endeavor to promote Moroccan crafts, Holmarcom Group presented the eco-friendly creations of 17 designers, who put environmental awareness at the heart of their work, in its stand, located in the Green zone of the COP22 village, in Marrakech.

The partitions, 100% eco-conscious, of this ephemeral booth designed by the talented Younes Duret, were made of waste wood from Marrakech construction sites. It depicted an intelligent assembly system richly decorated with an Islamic-inspired pattern.

Ti-Ti STOOL eco-design collection came out of the mix of a raw and natural material, wood, and recycling various textures and objects, typical of Moroccan crafts, orchestred by an interior designer fascinated by the traditions and the expertise of the Maalams (Master Craftsmen).

The visual aspect of the stool, typical of Moroccan decoration, merges with the material itself through unique pieces produced in strictly limited editions.