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Product Design | Accessories

For this new fashion experience, Kanza has partnered with the Caidal brand founded by two architects passionate about fashion Nabila Lebbar and Samir Arfawi.
Creative, inspired and original, these new Moroccan stylists draw their inspiration from the tradition while dissociating themselves to create unique and timeless models.

This new line is very graphic and upsets the usual codes of clothing.

From the front, the dress is very sober, with a classic "beldi" aesthetic. From behind, it reveals "messages" always provoking a reaction. Clothes to upset mentalities, to create astonishment or to play on our emotional side!

material Anodized aluminum, quartz base, LED source, red cloth cord 
dimensions L450 x P100 x H300mm
fabrication Horse Mécanique // Sahel Market // Vilux
photography ©Alessio Mei // ©Stéphane Bourdin