identity design & friends

eagle hills, salé, morocco

Product Design | Exhibition

Eagle Hills Morocco, a private investment and real estate development company, inaugurated the first edition of the "Quai des créateurs".
This unprecedented event transformed the Bouregreg stroll, at the heart of the "La Marina Morocco" project, into a veritable artistic bridge, where art galleries and concept stores of fashion and decoration have mingled.

Kanza Ben Cherif, in the voice of Identity Design, has been invited to showcase her "Ti-Ti Stool" and "Traces" collections as well as her interior design projects in a ephemeral gallery of more than 100m2.

Convinced that sharing is the most fertile dynamic, Kanza seized this opportunity to highlight four suppliers she is used to working with (Prestige Bureau, Graphito, Eglo and Fluxograma), and named this pop-up gallery "Identity Design & Friends"

"Identity Design & Friends" promotes a theory and practice that recalls the concept of the voyage as a slow, concentrated exploration, full of discovery and exchange: Western contemporary design is invited to interact and evolve with the time-honored techniques of Moroccan unique creations, establishing a flow of influences and vitality between the cultures.