massmedia offices

zone bleue, casablanca, morocco

Interior Design | Workplace

In a turnkey interior design project, MassMedia, leader in strategy consultancy and purchasing advertising spaces company, turned to Identity Design for the creative concept and outfitting of their new offices, located in the heart of Casablanca. Areas to be included in the design layout were a reception, meeting rooms, open workstations, a pantry, an executive office and a finance department.

The Client's type of business prompted Identity Design to initiate a strong united design approach, and create a modern corporate oriented office environment for staff and visitors, filled with an upbeat atmosphere. The main colours and visuals used were taken from the Client's corporate identity manual, which Identity Design applied to a combination of soft and hard surfaces, with finishes and materials denoting different areas. Lighting, disposed as a metaphor of the MassMedia's logo, was carefully designed to the precise brightness required.

Identity Design sought to create more open space and centralized collaborative space, enclosing utility areas and reconfiguring the area to gain maximum practical usable working spaces. Furniture layout conveys a transparency within the organization and enhances teamwork and sharing opportunities. The end design reflects the true nature of the Client's branding and business characteristics.