private client, goa, india

Interior Design | Residential

Residence 832 is situated close to Goa on the Konkan coast, part of the western coastline of India. Featuring rugged hills and a dramatic coastal views this region is designated an area of outstanding natural beauty.
The project draws inspiration from the famous forts of Maharashtra.

The wavelike plan allows a sequence of punctuated circular openings that bring light into the building and allow the use of greenery and pools of water. The bioclimatic design and the positioning of the building saves energy while the connection between the building and water creates a natural cooling system.

The Residence is equipped with the most environmental friendly technologies for energy saving. All the materials used for this construction where chosen with a low carbon footprint and the interior materials used are all natural rather than industrial, creating a sense/feeling of harmony, modernity and luxury while the breathtaking natural scenery creates warm emotions.