Product Design | Lighting

"Traces" collection, created by Kanza Ben Cherif, is a path through reinterpreted everyday objects, contemporary techniques and experimental procedures shape processed materials assembled with recycled parts. This project is based on the work of calligraphy and Arabic writing, giving form to Moroccan expressions and proverbs, through pieces mixing wood, marble, metal and a hint of humor.

Driven by the passion of celebrating both the beauty of Arabic calligraphy and preserving the Moroccan oral heritage through functional design objects, Kanza believes in transcending the limits of pure design and what is simply ornamental to what is aesthetically functional.

"Samt", Arabic word for "silence", is a piece that invites to slow down the mind, to take a break providing time for meditation. It is an object that transforms into a moment, a refuge against the crash of words and images that make our minds go on fast.
The white thread breaks with the chaos to give way to the white noise ... and the light is made to form the silence.

material Solid wood, corian
dimensions L600 x P66 x H87mm
fabrication Prestige Bureau
photography ©Alessio Mei