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"Ti-Ti" = "sit down" addressed to children, in Moroccan dialect.

The Ti-Ti Stool collection was born from the sparkle of Swedish wood and Moroccan crafts, orchestrated by an interior designer passionate about the traditions and the know-how of the Mâalams (Master Craftsmen).

Kanza Ben Cherif has revisited the traditional Moroccan stool with brightly colored weaves combined with the natural hues of Swedish wood, pesonnalising each stool by unique patterns and a "Khalkhal" fully accessoriezed.

The stools, typical of Moroccan decoration, are suitable for both indoor and outdoor, for adults and children! Its lightness, its functionality and its sparkling colors bring a touch of pepness to all interiors.

material Pine wood, bright colored weaved, laser-cutted logos , accessories
dimensions Sizes S / M / L and XL - refer to catalog for dimensions
fabrication Prestige Bureau // Mâalam Mahjoub / Graphito
photography ©Karim Tibari