Tribal ddb offices

zone bleue, casablanca, morocco

Interior Design | Workplace

With a brand new office located in the heart of Casablanca, Tribal DDB, leader in digital marketing, turned to Identity Design to provide turnkey interior and graphic design services.

Identity Design worked closely with Tribal DDB to create a workspace that would be fun, fresh and energetic, and clearly reflect the high-tech image of the company as well as remain faithful to the firm's corporate identity standards.

The company's logo provided inspiration for the interior and graphic design. Splayed across the glass partitions, the flooring pattern and lines of the reception counter and furniture are graphics pulled from a triangular futurist thread with a dominance of grey and a touch of corporate yellow, giving the office a unique personality. The layout of the office was configured in a way that would provide clearly separate public, meeting and office zones. A simple and clean flow was achieved between these separate areas by a futuristic vortex. Collaborative breakout areas and informal meeting and social areas were also integrated. With this design, Tribal DDB have gained an office that truly reflects the company brand as well as provides an engaging workspace for staff.